3 small tips to help make a GREAT photo!

Great photos are often credited to the equipment you use. I beg to differ! With cellphones now taking pictures as fabulous as some cameras that myth has been concurred over and over by 12 year olds with iPhones lol. There are 3 things I keep in mind EVERY time I lift my camera to shoot. They are very simple but powerful and if used correctly can take your pictures from blah to vavavoooom!

    Lighting is probably the most import when it comes to picture taking. Sure you can “fix it in post” or how most people say “just photoshop it”, I am a firm believer in “getting it right in the camera”. This saves time which = money in the long run. Besides not everyone has the photoshop option. Lighting does not just mean strobes or artificial lights. For years I shot “natural light” photography which meant I had to work with what the good Lord gave me and sometimes those situations were challenging but you learn to make do. One of my biggest tips even for an amateur, hobbyist or a mom just wanting to take better pics of her kid. Don’t be afraid of the shade! Most people falsely believe that you have to take pictures in bright sunlight, not true! Sunlight can be harsh and create unwanted lines and shadows on your subject. Shooting in the shade with a reflector in hand or something behind you reflecting light onto your subject can make a GREAT photo! (The photo below is a raw image without edits. Notice the sun spots on the ground in front and behind her. She is actually in the shade. She has good exposure and I didn’t have to fix it in post. The image below is after my edit but only to add to an “antique feel” to the image for the sake of the story not to correct the lighting.)
    Composition can take an ordinary photo from FABULOSITY just by changing the position of your subject. Whether it’s a person, a tree or a dog, play around with your composition. Shift your subject to the left or to the right, stand above or sit on the ground. You will be surprised how a little shifting goes a long way!
    I would be lying if I said I had GREAT connections with every subject I’ve ever shot. Although, I can say I do with most, there are times where your subject refuses to or when you have several subjects and they just don’t connect with each other. This will all show on camera so it’s very important to do your best to CONNECT! Seasoned models have this down to a T but with beginners, working with kids or the dad/teenage boy who just does not want to be at the shoot because the game is on, it’s more of a challenge. With the model below it was my first time working with her but with constant communication we were able to get striking images that showed connection even without emotion (don’t mistake the two) in the image below.

Again these 3 things are small adjustments and with practice can come quite easy! For a more in depth look into these tips and others, stay tuned for upcoming sessions with me that will help you take your photography to the next level! Contact us at renae@renaejohnsonphotography.com for more information!



Welcome to my blog! I’m excited to launch and tell you all about me, my brand and different things about the photography world! My name is Renae and I’m a professional beauty/fashion photographer based in Atlanta, GA (I do travel). I am a 17 years married mom of 2 teen boys who keep me super busy with their athletics! I have had a love/passion for photography since I got my first camera at the age of 12! My sweet Grandma purchased it from Fingerhut and I’m sure if she were here today she would be so proud!

Since I began my professional journey back in 2004 it has been a huge roller coaster ride. Kinda like the Goliath at Six Flags over GA! If you’ve ever been on that coaster it keeps going and going. As in my career I’m still going strong. Up and down in and out (the Goliath goes out of the park and comes back in sheesh). Like any good roller coaster I am truly enjoying the ride. I am Internationally published in both the Uk (FaceOn Magazine) and Africa (Zen Magazine). I’ve also been published in magazines nationally like Upscale, Elegant Magazine and JEZEBEL. I’ve also done national ad campaigns with Hairfinity and Konvict Apparel for their web presence.

Although I specialize in magazine and ad campaign work. I am also the owner of “realm studios” a component of Renae Johnson Photography that shoots more portrait photography which includes portfolio building and “realm seniors” that specializes in high school seniors. Speaking of seniors my oldest will be graduating in the class of 2015 and looking forward to that Goliath ride as well!

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