Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

I have been very fortunate to be the recipient of tons of good advice. It’s very difficult for me to narrow down to what has been “the best” I’ve ever received. From being married “be friends first”, to raising kids “always remember children are little people”. Coming up with what I consider the best advice I’ve ever received is hard to do. If I could narrow it down to photography, the best advice was quite simple and I’m not even sure if the person who told me even realizes how powerful it was. I was speaking with a fellow photographer about 8 years ago. I was making a transition from being in a partnership and going into an entirely new venture in photography using lighting instead of just using “natural light”. Terrified and not having a clue into what I was about to embark upon, Jerome Beaner said 8 little words to me that spoke volumes to me as an artist “do everything at one hundred and ten percent”! A quick little phrase that I often replay in my head when I don’t feel like it or want to give a half ass effort. I realize that anything less is not acceptable and does not benefit me or those connected to me. Wisdom comes in all forms and from all kinds of people. I never take lightly what someone takes the time to share. Thanks Jerome for those 8 words. I will cherish and live by them as long as I have breath in my lungs!


*my first national magazine publishing 110%

5 must haves for my photography business!

There are many must haves to keep a business a float. Especially when you provide a service. For the sake of time I’ll share 5 ;-)

1.Shoot Q - there’s nothing better than being able to keep track of all my clients, where they are in their process with me and what’s next.

  1. Lightroom - I use Lightroom as photo management and it’s a LIFESAVER! It allows me to import and file my images a way in record timing. It makes it easy to file images in separate folders with ease.
  1. A Good Mentor - Most people will not admit to this but I feel it is a must to have someone in your life who has been where you are going. They are a wealth of information and great way to not make some huge mistakes because they’ve already made them for you :-). Key word “good”, a good mentor is not insecure and are willing to teach what they know because they do not feel threatened. They are hard to come by so when you do get a good one appreciate them and put what they say into practice!
  1. A Business Mentality - Most photography business that I have personally known to fail are because of the lack of a business mindset. Which is understandable because most of us started from a hobby. You can definitely tell the hobbyist from the business person no photographer can take pics and had over a disc for $100. Unless they start focusing on the “business side of the business” they will not be around long-real talk.
  1. Vision - “Where there is no vision, a people parish” and so does a business. I often have to focus and refocus when it comes to my business. There are times when things come to a screeching halt until I can figure out what’s going on and readjust.

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